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(Compilation from Caron's City Directories 1884-1938)


pre-1909 Address present address Year
Head of Household occupation or name of business or notes
1601 1401 1886-1891 Higgins, Richard H wholesale whiskey
  1892 MacLeod, John  
  1893 Allen, C J F  
  1894 Vacant  
  1895-1910 Huffaker, Joseph  
  1911-1915 Vacant  
  1916-1938+ Long, Dennis H  
  1938+ Lyons, M G partner (one of 8) W L Lyons & Co brokers
1603 1407 1886-1889 Lammot, Ferdinand partner, Dupont Co gunpowder
  1890-1899 MacLeod, John  
  1900 MacLeod, Mary L  
  1901 Robinson, C B  
  1902-1907 Barbour, P F MD  
  1902-1903 Lemont, S M  
  1904-1911 Lemont, Emma B  
  1912-1920 Anderson, Fannie C boarding  
  1920-1921+ Martin, E Boyd Mrs  
  1927-1938+ 2-6 tenants  
  2000 Garett, The Apts  
1605 1411 1885 Vacant  
  1887-1891 Beckurts, Herman owner of Anderson & Nelson Distilleries
  1893-1905 Halloway, J M MD  
  1905-1918 Halloway, Samuel W MD  
  1907-1918 Halloway, Annie W  
  1919 Sales, Anna W  
  1920-1921+ Jones, Laura  
  1927+ Conway, Emma J widow
  1933-1938+ Richardson, H Wayne maintenance man, Great A&P Tea Co, wife Bernice B
  1933-1938+ Richardson, Zora M  
  2000 Beckurts House B&B  
1607 1415 1893-1916 Wolfe, H H wholesale clothing
  1907-1919 Wolfe, D H H MD  
  1921-1938+ Green, Norvin E president Louisville Car Wheel & Railway Supply Co., wife Anne G 
1609 1419 1880-1885 DuPont, Alexis I gunpowder and paper manufacturer
  1886-1887 Vacant address not listed in 1886
  1888 Zorn, S  
  1889-1906 Kaufman, Henry  
  1906-1927+ Craft, Joseph A  
  1933-1938+ Campbell, Cosby wife Verna
  1937-1968 Samuel Rhea and Jane Taylor Newland bought the house in mid - 1937 and owned it until 1968 when they sold it to Donald K. and Dolores J. Triplett. The house was mostly configured as apartments during this time.
1611 1423 1894-1931 Willson, Augustus Everett 

Gov. Willson  (9 KB)


attorney, Governor of Kentucky 1907-1911.  Willson got into a little trouble when he pardoned the former governor William Sylvester Taylor, the former Secretary of State, Caleb Powers, and four other members of the Republican Party who had been found guilty of being involved in the assassination of William Goebel, the Democratic Governor of Kentucky in 1900.    He also declared martial law in Western Kentucky during the Black Patch War and worked toward establishing temperance legislation.
  1895-1907 Eakin, W M  
  1908-1912 Dallam, Clarence  
  1908 Ekin, Sadie  
  1931-34 Willson, Mary E widow of Augustus
  1938 Maraman, Dora widow of H L
1613 1427 1894 Vacant  
  1895-1901 Burghard, J T  
  1902-1921+ Burghard, Frederica  
  1905-1921+ Elwang, A W  
  1927 Hall, Fannie E widow of E N Hall
  1933 Vacant  
  1938 Owen, John W wife Rena
  1938 Taylor, Harvey wife Rose L, auto mechanic
1615 1431 1900-1921+ Robinson, A L  
  1927-1933+ Long, Benjamin A boarding  
  1938 3 tenants  
1617 1435 1888-1889 Duncan, H C  African American
  1890 Thomas, S W  African American
  1891 Chapman, John  African American
  1893-1898 Chatman, J A  African American
  1899 Vacant  
  1900-1921+ Robinson, R A  
  1927 Bush-Bandeen Sanatorium Stanley Bandeen,president,  Evelyn Bush, secretary
    Bandeen, Stanley G president, Bush-Bandeen Sanatorium
    Prather, Nora vice-president Bush-Bandeen Sanitorium
  1933 Federal Bureau of Analysis  
    Jefferson County Osteopathic Society  
    Randeen Hospital  
    Marshall, Fern  
  1938 Hall, M Florine, boarding 2 tenants in rear building
N/A 1441 1910-1938+ Fountaine Apartments originally 6 apartments
1621 1445 1902-1917 Altsheler, Daniel wholesale grocer
  1918 Altsheler, Eliza  
  1919-1933 Landau, Fred  
  1938 Landau, Sara  
1623 1449 1897-1898 Vacant  
  1899-1900 Higgins, R H  
  1901-1903 Booth, W E  
  1903-1910 Vreeland, Graham Managing Editor, Courier-Journal
  1911-1912 Vacant  
  1913-1920 Ades, Simon  
  1921-1938+ Attkisson, Guy D general insurance, office 705 Washington Bldg, wife Maud
1625 1451 1896 Brown, E L  
  1897-1900 Cain, J S  
  1901 Cain, Amanda  
  1902 Stockdale, Ex  
  1903 Cain, Madeleine  
  1904-1907 Thixton, C G  
  1908-1911 Smith, A R  
  1912 Vacant  
  1913 Switow, Michael  
  1914-1917 Thixton, John Jr  
  1918 Vacant  
  1919-1920 Price, W N  
  1921 Aulenbrock, H H  
  1927 Vacant  
  1933 Sproule, Floy furn rooms  
  1938 3 tenants  
1627 1455 1896-1914 Brown, J W  
  1915 Vacant  
  1916-1921+ Bijur, Harriet (also listed as Harriette)  She was the mother of Daniel E. O'Sullivan, Resident Manager of Churchill Downs during the 1920s.  Earlier she lived on Belgravia Court, later moved to 3rd St with her family.
  1916-1921+ Turner, T E  
  1917-1921+ Boyd, C D  
  1927-1938+ 3 tenants  
1629 1457 1896-1900 Johnston, W T  
  1901 Nelson, V B  
  1902 Callahan, R L  
  1902 Hall, G G  
  1903-1907 Haldeman, Bruce  
  1908-1938+ Helm, T Kennedy Trabue, Doolan, Helm & Helm lawyers (with Edmund F Trabue, John C Doolan, James P Helm), wife Eliabeth N
1631 1461 1904-1920 Wintersmith, C H als have info ? J.D. Macaulay, spice merchant & Fannie Caldwell Macaulay, author.
  1921 Baldwin, Pauline  
  1927 Vacant  
  1933 Vacant  
1633 1465 1904-1921+ Wintersmith, H B  
  1927 Vacant  
  1933 Cohen, Benj  
  1933 Hall, M Florine furn rooms  
1635 1469 1901-1924 Culbertson, Rebecca Keith
widow (3rd wife) of William Stuart Culbertson of New Albany 
    1927 Washington Fidelity National Insurance Co T B Lockhart manager
  1933 Vacant  
  1938 Lincoln Income Life Insurance Co  
1639 1473 1900-1916 Babbitt, E M  
  1917-1933+ Herb, Ethel B Mrs  
  1938 Billin, Reginald W organ division, Shackelton Piano Co, wife Ethel
  1938 Wayne, Louis wife Emma, helper Louisville Coca-Cola Bottling Co
1701 1479 1904-1938+ Belgravia Apartments on site of 2 earlier houses of 1892 & 1888; originally about 8 apartments
1707 1483 1893 Hoertz, George  
  1894 Collins, Moses MD  
  1895-1898 Prince, J W  
  1899-1900 Vreeland, J W  
  1901-1903 Heinsohn, Anna M  
  1904 Ravitch, M L MD  
  1905-1906 Clemens, J P  
  1907-1911 Wood, H I  
  1913 Vreeland, J W  
  1914-1915 Vacant  
  1916-1919 Wathen, R A  
  1920-1921+ Ragsdale, G T  
  1927-1938+ 2-4 tenants  
1709 1485 1893 Hall, R L  
  1894-1917 Hirsch, David  
  1918-1921+ Hirsch, Rosa I  
  1927-1933+ Bailey, Murray J proprietor, B&B Laundry
  1938 Wickersham, John T proprietor, Wick's pharmacy, wife Nora H
  1938 Wickersham, Wilbur B pharmacist, Wick's pharmacy, wife Lou C
1711 1489 1896 Barret, L T  
  1896-1897 Hays, E W  
  1896-1906 Peyton, R D drugs  
  1897-1898 Vreeland, J W  
  1899-1901 Gardner, L C  
  1899-1906 Frost, H F  
  1899-1906 Frost, H F  
  1902-1912 Warfield, R Frank  
  1907-1912 Frost, Flora L  
  1907-1916 Hurley, H O drugs  
  1913 Heaton, Wm  
  1914 Randle, G T  
  1915 Vacant  
  1916 Brown, J T Rev  
  1916-1921+ Bedford, H W  
  1916-1921+ Wymond, C B  
  1917 Levenstein, Saml  
  1917-1920 Votteler Drug Co  
  1921-1927+ Fihe's, R A drugs  
  1927 Cabbell, Alfred E dept mamager Lincoln Bank & Trust
  1927 Raible, Charles E agent, US Internal Revenue Service
  1933 Alvey-Fihe Co syrup pumps  
  1933 Cleveland, K S  
  1933-1938+ Richardson, Herbert P car operator, Louisville Railway Co, wife Margaret B
  1933-1938+ Wick's Pharmacy  
  1938+ Thompson, S D dentist  


General Notes:
* Resident occupations or notes have been added if known.  If you can supply more information on these houses or their early residents, we'd love to hear from you.  Email information@oldlouisville.com
*Years marked as "Vacant": can have several explanations or possibilities.  Obviously the house could actually have been vacant, or the family may have been temporarily away during canvassing, the address was between tenants, or the directory made an error (no one home & no one to ask).  In some cases it may indicate a new building awaiting its first residents, or one ready to be demolished to make way for a newer building.
* Many short-term residents (especially renters, boarders or apartment house tenants) have been omitted from this list.  For more complete listings see our History section and look for the appropriate Excel file.
* Grayed out listings:  A building at this address that possibly, probably or definitely no longer exists. 

About the dates:
After 1921, years are sampled 1927, 1933, 1938.  A + sign after a date reminds us that the resident may have also lived at this address before or after these dates.
* 1884 is the earliest date we can easily find records for these buildings.  Any homes noted to be occupied in 1884 are often older than that.  But it should also be kept in mind that an address record may represent more than one building over the years.  For example, a bungalow style house (early 20th C style, usually teens to 30s), is probably a replacement for an earlier building on the same site, especially where the address record goes back several decades before. Click here for a brief guide to house styles
* Years are inclusive.  For example, a resident listed at an address showing1890-1892  was listed in the directory at his address for three years: 1890, 1891 and 1892.

There is no absolute guarantee of the accuracy of this information. 
Addresses in red mean there may be some question as to the matches between pre-1909 and present addresses.  While these are usually correct, further research may be needed.  After 1909, almost all addresses should be correct.
* Errors can often be found in original or secondary source material, and probably we made some along the way as well. 
* Corrections are welcome and deeply appreciated, but please be kind.  Many hundreds of hours of work and quite some expense have gone into researching these compilations, and harsh scolding only discourages further work.



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