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This block of Old Louisville (east and west side)  was at one time the "holiest" in the city.  You could find the
region's largest Baptist congregation at the Walnut Street Baptist Church, and living across the street from each
other were the Roman Catholic Archbishop and the Episcopal Bishop of Kentucky.  Even a Henry Pilcher, of the
nationally regarded Pilcher Sons Organ Company lived on the block for awhile.  The John N. Norton Memorial Infirmary
was located on the block from 1885 until 1973 when it moved to its present downtown health campus location.
The hospital was named in honor of the former associate rector of Christ Church Cathedral who was known for
his generosity and was called the Good Samaritan by his congregation.

(Compilation from Caron's City Directories 1884-1938)


pre-1909 Address present address Year Head of Household occupation or name of business or notes
1200 1100 1886 Dubin, L D drugs  
  1887-1892 Kerr, William S & Co drugs partner with Thomas P Taylor
  1893 Taylor, T P & Co drugs Thomas Pickett Taylor
  1894-1900 Isaac, Edward G drugs  
  1901-1903 English, R C drugs  
  1904-1916 Pfau, C E drugs  
  1909 Overley, H W  
  1917 Bannon, Mattie B  
    1917-1927+ Frankel, H M drugs aka Frankel's Pharmacy  HM & Nathan Frankel, 1100 & 1900 3rd
  1918-1921+ Bannon, Mattie B  
  1933-1938+ J J Hess Hardware  
  recent Old Louisville Counseling Center  
1202 1100 1/2 1887 Taylor, T P we think this address was 1100 upstairs or 1102
  1889 Harvey, C F  
  1890-1892 Mullikin, Thomas B  
  1893-1894 Ragland, E D  
  1895 Vacant  
  1896-1898 Isaacs, E G  
  1899 Garfield, G A  
  1900 Vacant  
  1901-1902 Graham, J W  
  1903 von Behren, Hattie L  
  1904 Pfau, C E  
  1905 Dargan, E C Rev  
  1906 Short, J M  
  1907-1908 Overley, H W listed variously at address before & after
  1909--1921+ address not mentioned  
  1927+ Potter, Mary Mrs   
  1938+ Wickstead, Harry J wife Mary
1206 1102 1900 Colburn, C P probably the same address as 1204 / 1102
  1901-1902 Dorsey, E L  
  1903-1904 Pearce, R W MD  
  1906 Coleman, L I  
  1907 Polk, W G  
1204 1102 1908-1909 Allen, Amelia C  
  1910 Hall, Belle Mrs furn rooms  
  1910-1914 Murray, S A  
  1912-1914 Overley, H W  
  1915 Murray, Lillian B  
  1916 Applegate, Louise M  
  1917-1918 Davidson, C F  
  1918 Rowlett, J B  
  1919 Flanagan, Lorena  
  1919 Walker, Mildred F  
  1920-1921+ Grayot, W F  
  1927 Vacant  
  1933 Richardson, T L  
  1938 Goodman, James dispenser, Canary Cottage, wife Norma
1208 1104 1900 Gregory, J P  
  1901-1902 Johnston, C W  
  1903 Evans, Patterson A  
  1904-1905 Moore, J T  
  1906 Carson, Z T  
  1907 Appel, Louis  
  1908-1909 Dabney, J M  
  1910 Vacant  
  1911-1913 Cooper, J M  
  1914-1915 Overly, H F  
  1916 Dunn, Ida M  
  1917-1921+ Pfau, C E  
  1927-1933+ Anderson, Augusta L  
  1933 Anderson, Augusta L  
  1938 Bell, Lillian  
1210 1106 1897-1911 Anderson, H C  
  1912-1913 Bingham, J S  
  1914-1919 Knott, E Q  
  1920-1938+ Campbell, Aimee Mrs  
  1921 McConnell, F C Rev  
  1927+ Campbell, Sarah, nurse trained nurse
  1938 Campbell, Aimee Mrs  
  1938 Pratt, Lena H stenographer, Sears-Roebuck Co
1212 1110 1896-1897 Vacant  
  1899-1908 Strater, W E  
  1909-1933+ Courtenay, William H chief engineer, L&N RR
  1938 Swift, Lottie widow of W R
  1938 Thompson, Myrtle S widow of Clyde
1214 1114 1887 Vacant  
  1890-1902 Clark, James President, Farmer's Tobacco Whse
  1903-1908 Clark, Jessie L  
  1910-1913 Strater, Jessie C  
  1914-1918 Witty, A P  
  1919 Vacant  
  1920 Bullitt, William Marshall  
  1921 Vacant  
  1927 Watson, Alex M Maj manager, travel dept United States Trust Co
  1933 Pfeiffer, Ida  
  1938 Huston, Grace Mrs  
  1938 Miller & Mather Funeral Home Louis B Miller, J R Mather
  1938 Miller, Lewis B Miller & Mather Funeral Home, wife Katherine
1216 1118 1888-1904 Smith, Kilbourne W KW Smith & Co, KY agents for Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co
  1905-1910 Smith, Elizabeth  
  1912-1918 Neumeyer, Carl  
  1919 Vacant  
  1920 Cox, Pattie R furn rooms  
  1920 Eddleman, Susie H furn rooms  
  1921 Perry, Anna furn rooms  
    1927-1938+ Floersh, John A Rt. Rev., later Most Rev. Titular Bishop of Lycopolis 1923, bishop of the RC Diocese of Louisville 1927, 1937 became the 1st Roman Catholic Archbishop of Louisville
  1933 Cotton, F R Rev.  
  1938 Gerst, Anthony G Jr Rev.  
1218 1124 1884-1885 Lindsay, Thomas N  
  1886-1892 Roy, William D trav agt
  1889-1891 Cosby, Edward  
  1893 Lydecker, G J  
  1894-1896 Ellison, Andrew with Jr. Jr was supt BF Avery & Sons
  1897-1907 Levy, L M  
  1908 Vacant  
  1909-1917 Bell, Jane G  
  1918 Bell, Mary J  
  1919 Vacant  
  1920-1921+ 3-4 tenants  
1222 1128 1884-1897 Moore, John T president Falls City Bank and Moore Bremaker & Co wholesale grocers
  1898 Jones, L L  
  1899-1907 Booker, W F  
  1908 Booker, Bella A (or O)  
  1914-1916 Brown, Eva  
  1917-1918 Vacant  
  1919 Koch, C A  
  1920 Lazarus, Simon  
  1920-1921+ Turner, Ida M  
1218-1222 1124-1128 1927-present Almus Apartments, The 10-19 tenants early years, combined houses above
1224 1132 1884-1896 Fosdick, Margaret M, or F, Mrs (Maggie) widow of Wm H
  1897-1899 Stine, Bertha  
  1899-1900 Schwabacher, Abraham  
  1900 Stine, A J  
  1901-1921+ Grainger, Charles F  
  1927 Nay, Benjamin F farmer
  1927 Shanks, W Fontaine  advertising agent
  1933 4 tenants  
1226 1138 1884-1888 Gilmore, Harry S manager, Southern Woolen Mfg Co
  1887-1888 Ward, Anna  
  1889-1898 Glover, Henry Glover & Durrett (JC) proprietors Louisville Tobacco Whse
  1899-1905 Escott, W N  
  1906-1919 Escott, Fannie H  
  1912-1916 Hopkins, Martha J  
  1920-1933+ Green & Green Furriers L Auth & G Auth proprietors
  1933 Vacant  
1230 1142 1884 Clancy, W Percy  
  1885 Osborne, H G Mrs  
  1886 Cummins, F T  
  1887-1889 McCready, William bookkeeper, CA Bridges & Co
  1890-1892 Gunther, August  
  1893-1895 Gunther, Eliza widow of August
  1896-1897 Williams, S W or S M civil engineer  
  1898-1899 Sharp, J H  
  1900-1903 Myles, J T  
  1904 Harrington, Margaret  
  1905 Burton, L W  
  1906-1907 Mills, I H  
  1908 Vacant apparently building torn down to be replaced by the church
  1909-1915 First Church of Christ, Scientist Church moved to 3rd & Ormsby (southeast corner) after 1915
  1916 Vacant  
  1917-1919 Associated Bible Students Class  
  1920-1938+ Modern Way Cleaners and Dryers  (1140-1142) J Klausing proprietor
1232 1144 1884 Holt, Jacob  
  1885 Brewster, James A  
  1886-1887 Castner, C B  
  1888 Meehan, Thomas T H Meehan & Co coopers
  1889-1895 Rawson, George E clerk, Board of Aldermen
  1892-1894 Rawson, Mary artist  
  1896-1897 Vacant  
  1898-1921+ Dennis, W W  
  1927+ Dennis, Bettie F widow of W W
  1933-1938+ Knopp, Robert H building  contractor, wife Lena
1234 1146 1884 Schulte, William F  
  1885 Guthrie, T J  
  1886-1887 Skillman, R T  
  1888-1889 Fonville, John A trav agt Bridgeford & Co
  1890 Benedict, Amelia  
  1890 Strong, R E  
  1891-1892 Johnston, William R  
  1893-1894 Clark, Louisa  
  1894 Clark Louisa  
    1894-1895 Clark, Fannie B & Margaret B music teachers  
  1896-1897 Vacant  
  1899-1921+ Grant, H H  
  1927-1933+ Eastes, Pleasant A salesman
  1927-1933+ Strehlow, Albert J  
  1938+ Eastes, Mary  
1236 N/A 1884 Davidson, G F  
  1886 Kirby, S T  
  1887-1889 Bridges, G W  
  1888-1889 Tabb, P M  
  1890 Cockrill, B D Rev  
  1891-1893 Longden, T E  
  1894-1895 Thompson, Kate E  
  1896-1897 Vacant  
1238 1150 1884 Davidson, Eli G  
  1885 Barnett, John T  
  1886-1888 Close, W H dry goods, 446 W Market
  1889 Carson, J J  
  1890 Forsythe, R B  
  1891 vonHaaren, Kate  
  1892 vonHaaren, Mary  
  1893-1897 Baker, James T A lawyer 436 W Jefferson
  1897 Vacant  
  1905-1938+ Wedekind, Henry R vice-president R Mansfield & Co store fixtures
  1927-1933+ Richardson, Cleves physician
1240 1154 1884-1886 Nourse, Virgil M  
  1887-1889 Wilson, Mary P and/or Julia G  (Mrs) Julia was widow of Joseph G
  1888-1890 Nourse, Rosa L widow of Charles
  1891 Frazee, S E  
  1891 Hickman, R B  
  1892 Jenkins, J W  
  1893-1894 Finley, W N  
  1895-1897 Vacant  
  1898-1936 Halleck, Reuben P author  (1859-1936) Reuben Post Halleck, Author of History of English Literature(1900) and History of American Literature (1911), Psychology and Psychic Culture. (1895); 1900 publishes History of English Literature; 1911 publishes History of American Literature; 1913 publishes Halleck's New English Literature; 1915 published Readings from Literature co-authored with Elizabeth G Barbour; 1923 publishes History of Our Country, for Higher Grades; 1927 journalist; 1929 publishes Founders of Our Nation, 1930 publishes Makers of Our Nation; 1935 publishes Our United States.
  1912-1919 Consumers League of Ky  
  1912-1915 Ky Child Labor Assn  
1242 1158 1884 Whipple, H G S  
  1885 Kellond, W A  
  1885 Whipple, Mary J  
  1886 Kellond, W A  
  1887 Bullitt, F Jr  
  1888 Moore, Leon L salesman, Carter Bros (Dry goods)
  1889-1890 Tinsley, J E  
  1891-1892 Foree, S J  
  1893 Furber, J L  
  1894-1897 Keisker, Fred W Keisker, Fred W & son furniture mfg
  1897 Vacant  
  1898-1900 Robinson, A H  
  1901-1903 Drummond, E M  
  1904-1927+ Dunlap, John L broker, John L Dunlap & Co with W N Clarke & A P Bohmer
  1933+ Dunlap, Helen  
  1938+ Pharis, Fred M wife Alice
1244 1160 1938 Yale Restaurant O E Harley proprietor
1244 1162 1892-1919 Barrett, A Hite president & general manager of Louisville Electric Light Co and vice president & engineer Louisville Gas Co.
  1920-1921+ Vacant  
  1927 Baker's Meat Market  
  1933 Piggly Wiggly  
  1938 J & J Pastry Shop Joseph DeMichael proprietor


1164 1927 Seitz, Joseph C Drugs (Seitz residence on Alta Ave)
  1933 Frankel's Drug Store No 1  
  1938 Third Avenue Pharmacy Hyman Gurwitch proprietor
    Recent Zeiden's Pharmacy, presently Third Avenue Café  
  1160-62-64   These seem to be separate addresses at the same location, now 1164.  The original Victorian building still exists, incorporated into the rear of the commercial front.


General Notes:
* Resident occupations or notes have been added if known.  If you can supply more information on these houses or their early residents, we'd love to hear from you.  Email information@oldlouisville.com
*Years marked as "Vacant": can have several explanations or possibilities.  Obviously the house could actually have been vacant, or the family may have been temporarily away during canvassing, the address was between tenants, or the directory made an error (no one home & no one to ask).  In some cases it may indicate a new building awaiting its first residents, or one ready to be demolished to make way for a newer building.
* Many short-term residents (especially renters, boarders or apartment house tenants) have been omitted from this list.  For more complete listings see our History section and look for the appropriate Excel file.
* Grayed out listings:  A building at this address that possibly, probably or definitely no longer exists. 

About the dates:
After 1921, years are sampled 1927, 1933, 1938.  A + sign after a date reminds us that the resident may have also lived at this address before or after these dates.
* 1884 is the earliest date we can easily find records for these buildings.  Any homes noted to be occupied in 1884 are often older than that.  But it should also be kept in mind that an address record may represent more than one building over the years.  For example, a bungalow style house (early 20th C style, usually teens to 30s), is probably a replacement for an earlier building on the same site, especially where the address record goes back several decades before. Click here for a brief guide to house styles
* Years are inclusive.  For example, a resident listed at an address showing1890-1892  was listed in the directory at his address for three years: 1890, 1891 and 1892.

There is no absolute guarantee of the accuracy of this information. 
Addresses in red mean there may be some question as to the matches between pre-1909 and present addresses.  While these are usually correct, further research may be needed.  After 1909, almost all addresses should be correct.
* Errors can often be found in original or secondary source material, and probably we made some along the way as well. 
* Corrections are welcome and deeply appreciated, but please be kind.  Many hundreds of hours of work and quite some expense have gone into researching these compilations, and harsh scolding only discourages further work.


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